Which is the Best Alternative to BlueStacks?


Recently a friend of mine asked me "Which is the best alternative to bluestacks?" as BlueStacks was not working on his system. Though BlueStacks is the best known Android Emulator, but still has certain drawbacks which lead users to look for its alternatives.

BlueStacks is an Android Emulator that allows users to run android apps on PC or MAC. It has been quite a successful journey for Bluestack till date but now people are searching for better alternatives to Bluestacks. The reason behind the search alternatives is that BlueStacks has some heavy hardware requirements which are not easy to fulfill.

Alternatives to BlueStacks Android Emulator

In this post i have compiled a list of 5 Popular BlueStacks alternatives which have minimal hardware requirements.

1. Android SDK Emulator

Whats better than Official Emulator for Android. Android SDK Emulator includes a mobile device emulator — a virtual mobile device that runs on your computer. The emulator is basically designed to let you develop and test Android applications without using a physical device. But you can use it run Android apps on your computer.

The Android emulator mimics all of the hardware and software features of a typical mobile device, except that it cannot place actual phone calls.


  • Easy to use
  • Minimal hardware requirements
  • Enable/Disable Hardware Acceleration
  • Easily configurable

Download Android SDK Emulator

2. GenyMotion

Genymotion is an Android emulator using x86 architecture virtualization, making it much more efficient. Taking advantage of OpenGL hardware acceleration, it allows you to test your applications with amazing 3D performance.

Genymotion is available for free, but there are paid versions available too. Depending on your need you can either use free version or Paid version.


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to run
  • Perfectly integrates within your development workflow

Download Genymotion from official website.

3. Android for PC

Android for the PC is an installation pack of Android, which can now be run on computers. This is a beta version, meaning that some of its functionality can be limited, but to a great extent, you’ll find everything available.

This is not an installer like BlueStacks, but an image of Android OS. In order to run this on your system you have to make a bootable CD/DVD/USB and run it in Virtual Machine.


  • Easy to use
  • Runs in Virtual Machine
  • Supports all Android apps
  • Convenience of using the mouse
  • Almost stable (beta stage)

Download Android for PC

4. YouWave Emulator

YouWave is a Android Emulator based on VirtualBox, enabling users to run Android applications on Windows. This is not a free Android emulator and you may have to buy it.

Though Youwave is based on VirtualBox, but it is incompatible with Virtual Machine. So, before installing make sure Virtual Machine is not installed on your system.

Since, YouWave is paid so you can expect many great features from it.


  • Built-in build.prop editor
  • Adjustable resolution
  • Configurable

Download YouWave from Official website.

5. Andydroid

This emulator for Android is designed specifically to run Andoird games on your PC. But this doesn't mean that AndyDroid is limited to games, you can run almost all android apps on Andydroid.

When it comes to performance Andrydroid leaves every other emulator behind.


  • seamless sync between desktop and mobile devices
  • Connects Win/Mac with Android apps for launching, push notifications and storage
  • Enables app download from any desktop browser direct to Andy OS
  • Ensures most up to date Android OS at all times

Download Andydroid now.

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