Capture 4K Video Recording with Your Xiaomi Mi3


Xiaomi Mi3 has is great smartphone with awesome specs available at cheap price. Xiaomi Mi3 has a 13MP back camera capable of taking 1080p video at 30 FPS. But, here is a simple trick with which you can capture 4k video recording with your Xiaomi Mi3.

SpotCommerce: Create an eCommerce Website With Blogger Platform

SpotCommerce Blogger Template

If you are looking for a cheap eCommerce platform then I think you should give Blogger platform a try. This isn't a joke, you can now create an eCommerce website with Blogger platform using SpotCommerce theme.

Add Related Posts Widget Without Thumbnails to Blogger


You can reduce your website's bounce rate and generate more pageviews by adding related posts along side your article. A visitor is very much likely to read related articles if they are available. Here, I have posted an tutorial on adding related posts widget without thumbnails to your blog.

Automatically Translate a Webpage to Native Language in Google Chrome


If you constantly visit websites which are written in a language different from your native language and you are fed up of clicking the "Translate this page to English" button, then here is a work around for you to auto translate webpages to your native language.

Calibrate Your Mobile Phone Battery Without Rooting


If you are facing issues with your mobile phone battery like sudden drop in charge level, or increase in charge level after restart then you should calibrate your phone battery. If you want to calibrate your mobile phone battery without rooting your phone then here is a guide for you.

Try Google Services Without Signing Up For Gmail


Over the years Google has added lots of useful services to it basket like Youtube, Blogger, Feedburner, Analytics, Adsense and much more. But, the basic requirement to use these services is signing up for Gmail. But, if you want to use these service without signing up for Gmail and using your old email address then here is a trick for you.

BlueStacks Offline Installer - No Internet Connection Required


BlueStacks is all over the web now. Everyone seems to be talking about it. You can also try BlueStacks by downloading its online installer. But, if you are facing any difficulty with the online installer of BlueStacks then you can try the offline installer of BlueStacks which dows not require any internet connection.