How install Foobar2000 on Ubuntu Using Wine?


Foobar2000 is a highly popular music player which is available for Windows platform. Foobar2000 has huge following because of its minimalist design, supports for numerous media types and customization capabilities. If you are using Ubuntu and want to run Foobar2000 on Ubuntu, then stay tuned.

Foobar2000 is available exclusively for Windows platform. In order to run Foobar2000 on Ubuntu or any other Linux distro you will require Wine.

Wine is an emulator or more specifically a software package that allows applications made for Microsoft Windows platform to run on UNIX like operating systems like LINUX. So, before proceeding check if Wine is installed on your system and if not then kindly install Wine.

Running Foobar on Ubuntu using Wine is easy but installing and running Foorbar200 in a manner that it operates in a manner similar to native apps is a bit tricky. So, follow the steps given below as they are specified.

Running Foobar2000 on Ubuntu and other linux distors

  1. Check if Wine is installed on your system and if not then install Wine.
  2. Download Foobar2000 [Official Link].
  3. Move the downloaded file to home >> .wine >> drive_c and run the setup.
  4. While installing select portable version.
  5. Once installed try running Foobar2000 and check if it works fine.
  6. Now, create a new file using a text editor and name it Foobar2000.desktop and add the following code to the file.
  7. [Desktop Entry]
    Comment=Foo & Bar
    Exec=sh -c "cd /home/user_name/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/foobar2000; wine foobar2000.exe"
  8. In the code above replace user_name with your Username and save the file.
  9. Now, drag and the file into your launcher.
  10. Done!

Now, you have Foobar2000 installed on your system and you can run Foobar2000 directly from Launcher.

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