How to Fix Xiaomi Mi3 LED Notification Lights For Missed Calls


Xiaomi Mi3 is a great phone with good design and awesome hardware specifications. I totally loved this phone. After using this phone for the past two days I am pretty satisfied with this phone and haven't experienced any glitch yet. But, I think there is a little problem with the LED notification lights of this phone as it doesn't glow when there is a Missed Call.

Notification lights are basically LEDs on the front screen of your mobile phone that glow when there is a notification like Missed Call, WhatsApp Message, SMS or an Email. Xiaomi Mi3 has multi-colored notification lights.

The exact problem is that the notification lights in the Xiaomi Mi3 doesn't glow when there is a missed call, but glows for Emails, Messages and SMSs. Actually, it is not a problem with the Notification lights, but is actually a software glitch. This similar problem exists on NEXUS 5 too.

Though the problem is quite small but it is miss leading. You must have experienced some rough situations because of this problem. Hence, it must be solved quickly.

The LED Notification Lights problem is faced by all Xiaomi Mi3 users and is bascially a software problem. So, lets see how this problem can be solved.

Solving LED Notification Lights Problem with Xiaomi Mi3

  1. Install app called Light Flow from the Play Store.
  2. Open the Light Flow app and enable notifications for Missed Calls.
  3. Now, open the Security App and select Light Flow from Apps Menu.
  4. Turn On the Trust This App and Auto-Start options.
  5. Now, restart you phone and notifications lights will work for missed calls.

Solution Video: LED Notification Lights Problem

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