How to Resume Interrupted Download in Chrome


Chrome is a highly popular web browser which is known for its simplicity, speed and cutting-edge functionality. But, there is one feature that is still unavailable on Chrome even after so many updates and revisions which is Resuming Interrupted Download.

Suppose you are downloading a large file using Chrome and suddenly because of some reason that download was interrupted and you are unable to resume it. How angry you would be? This is the only problem I find with Chrome.

Resuming interrupted downloads is a feature that is available in Mozilla Firefox and even Internet Explorer. But, don't why is unavailable on Chrome. But, don't worry still there are many ways in which you can resume interrupted downloads in Chrome.

Starting Interrupted Downloads in Chrome

Though there is no default option to resume download of an interrupted file in Chrome, but there are two ways in which you can download the interrupted file smoothly.

1. Via Experimental Features

Chrome has many features that are by default unavailable or disabled because of stability issues, but you can easily enable them. To see Chrome's experimental features go to the url "Chrome://flags" and on this page you will see a list of Google's experimental features.

One of these experimental features is Enable Download Resumption which enable you to resume interrupted download by providing a Resume option in context menu. All you need to do is enable this option.

2. Using Wget

Though the first option works just fine, it is still an experimental feature and hence cannot be trusted entirely. To address the problem on interrupted downloads we get to use a more stable solution.

As our second solution we will be using an utility called WGet which is available for free.

  1. Install WGet. While installing select a directory like Downloads which is easier to access.
  2. Now, locate the interrupted download file (.crdownload).
  3. Rename the file - Just remove .crdownload extension. Click OK when prompted.
  4. Copy this file to the folder containing WGet executable file (where WGet was installed).
  5. Press shift and Right click > Open Command Window here (while in the folder containing executable)
  6. In the command window type wget -c URL_OF_INTERRUPTED_FILE. You can get url of interrupted file from Chrome Download page.
  7. Downloading will start from the point of interruption.

I would suggest you to avoid Chrome to download big files. Instead of Chrome use Download Managers like IDM and FDM for downloading big files.

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