Try Google Services Without Signing Up For Gmail


Over the years Google has added lots of useful services to it basket like Youtube, Blogger, Feedburner, Analytics, Adsense and much more. But, the basic requirement to use these services is signing up for Gmail. But, if you want to use these service without signing up for Gmail and using your old email address then here is a trick for you.

Though, Gmail is a highly popular and useful email service provided by Google but still some people try to avoid it because of reasons best known to them. If you are one of such users I will suggest you to give Gmail a try cause its great.

Google has linked its services together so it becomes more productive if you use these services in conjunction with Gmail. But, still it is not a necessity to sign up for gmail. You can use these services with your old email address.

Try Google Services without Gmail

If you are using any other Email service like Hotmail, Outloook, Yahoo Mail or your own custom email address and don't wanna signup for Gmail but still want to use Google services like Blogger, Adsense, Feedburner, etc then you can do so by using your old email address.

To create a Google account using non-gmail email address Google provides an option called Signup Without Gmail. Using this you can create a Google Account without gmail using your old email address.

Create Google Account Without Gmail

  1. Go to Signup Without Gmail
  2. Enter your old email address in the field "Current Email Address"
  3. Google Account Without Gmail
  4. Fill-in other details
  5. You have created a Google Account without Gmail.

You can now use any Google service except Gmail by signing up with your current email address. You will continue receiving emails on your current email address so no worries about emails.

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