BlueStacks Offline Installer - No Internet Connection Required


BlueStacks is all over the web now. Everyone seems to be talking about it. You can also try BlueStacks by downloading its online installer. But, if you are facing any difficulty with the online installer of BlueStacks then you can try the offline installer of BlueStacks which dows not require any internet connection.

Bluestacks offline installer

The BlueStacks installer avaliable on the official website requires internet connection. The installer is just a small file which when run downloads the rest of the files from the server. Hence, people with no internet connection are unable to run BlueStacks on their systems.

Also, the download speed using online installer is quite low. All these drawbacks of online installer of BlueStacks make people look for offline installer of BlueStacks.

If you facing problems with BlueStacks, then you can try one of the alternatives to BlueStacks.

The offline installer of BlueStacks is not directly available on the Homepage of BlueStacks website. But, it can be downloaded from the CDN server of BlueStacks.

Download BlueStacks Offline Installer

Just click here to download offline installer of BlueStacks.

Note: This offline installer may not provide the lastest version of BlueStacks. If you need the latest version of BlueStacks then you will have to install BlueStacks using online installer.

How to Install BlueStacks in Offline Mode

Once, you have downloaded BlueStacks from the link provided above, you can install it like an ordinary application.

Note: No internet connection is requried while installing BlueStacks, but internet connection might be required to install application into BlueStacks.

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