Simple Trick to Get DoFollow Backlinks From Facebook


Link building is a very tiring task as it is time consuming and the same time you do not see any real time effects. It takes lot effort to get backlinks from even PR1 and PR2 website and getting backlink from PR9 website is like a dream come true and your dream is about to get true. Here is a simple trick with which you can get a dofollow backlink from Facebook.

In order ro rank higher in search engines and increase your pagerank you need backlinks. Backlinks from worthless websites don't count. Backlinks from good websites count like TechCrunch, Labnol, LifeHacker, etc.

PageRank is a link analysis algorithm used by Google to help determine the relative importance of a website. Every website is given a Google PageRank score between 0 and 10 on an exponential scale.

Facebook has pagerank 9 which means Google marks Facebook has highly important website. So, getting a dofollow backlink from Facebook can help your website's pagerank grow and you website can rank higher in search results.

What is DoFollow?

You must be thinking what exactly is dofollow backlink. When Google bots are crawling a website they look for external links point to other websites. If this links is “do follow” then search engines will follows the link and so link juice gets passed.

This means dofollow links pass pagerank juice onto the websites they link to. Hence, getting dofollow backlinks from a website with google pagerank is beneficial for your website.

Getting Dofollow Backlink from Facebook

Before proceeding further create a Facebook page for your website.

  1. Go to Static HTML app page and add Static HTML iframe tab to your website's Facebook page.
  2. From the drop down menu select your website's facebook page.
  3. Now, open your faceboom page and click on the Welcome tab.
  4. You will now be taken to Static HTML website --> In the space provided paste the code given below.
  5. <h1><a href="" title="Digital Kiosk">Digital Kiosk</a></h1>
  6. Click on Save and Publish.
  7. Done!

This is a simple way to get a dofollow backlink from Facebook as PR9 website.


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